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Best practices to help you create engaging videos on social media

What you will learn

Creating videos for social media sounds simple enough, but it does take some trial and error to get it right. Download this ebook to find out how to create social videos that are highly engaging.

Capture Your Audience's Attention

Users spend 1.5 seconds per post on social media, so you need to hook them within the first 3 seconds. Learn tips on how to start your videos off with a bang.

Maintain Your Viewer's Attention

A good video will grasp the viewer's attention until the end. Learn how simplicity and using high quality media can help you prolong your audience's focus.

Enhance Your Video Aesthetics

Your viewers aren't only watching your videos - they are also reading and interacting with them Learn how subtitles, text animation, and color choices can help optimise engagement. 

And Other Useful Best Practices

There are several other ways you can enhance your video for social media. Learn about these advanced tips by downloading the full ebook. 

"Most people are visuals learners, meaning that we better understand concepts and remember ideas with visual content."

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